How Comfortable Is Your Protective Clothing?

By 2021-09-15Blog, 製品機能

Wearing protective clothing while working in a hazardous environment reduces the risks of contact with contamination and keeps you safe. However, some wearers may experience soak-in sweating while working in a hot and humid environment. To ease the harmful feeling and keep you comfort at work, you must check two key figures on the spec sheet that represent breathability: MVTR and Ret value.


Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate

Higher values indicate that vapor and moisture are removed more effectively, and it can be used to determine how comfortable a coverall is to wear.

Ret value 

Resistance to Evaporating Heat Transfer

The lower the Ret value, the lower the resistance to moisture transfer and, as a result, the higher the breathability.

ULTITEC has published MVTR and Ret value on all ULTITEC 1000L-ULTITEC 3000T product pages at our website.

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