ULTITEC 2000 アイソレーションガウン

With Type 5, Type 6, and EN 14126 certification, ULTITEC 2000 Sleeve Gown is designed to protect wearers against liquid splash and biological hazards from the operators’ front side.

The adjustable ties at the waist and neck are easy to fit the wearer’s body shape.


An Effective Frontal Barrier Against Blood, Body Fluids and Infective Agents

The fabric performance exceeds both WHO protective clothing specification Option 1 & 2 for Ebola Virus Disease Infection Control. [Note*]

Proven Frontal Protection of Fabric Performance Against Blood or Body Fluids

Meets Class 6 for ISO 16603 (Resistance to penetration by blood or fluids) under CE Standard EN 14126 (Against infective agents).

Proven Frontal Protection of Fabric Performance Against Blood-borne Pathogens

Meets Class 2 for ISO 16604 (Resistance to penetration by blood-borne pathogens) under CE Standard EN 14126 (Against infective agents)

Proven Frontal Protection of Fabric Performance Against Liquid Aerosol

Meets Class 3 for ISO/DIS 22611 (Resistance to liquid aerosol penetration) under CE Standard EN 14126 (Against infective agents).

Breathable to Work Efficiently

Designed for comfort use. Allow wearers to work efficiently while releasing their body heat to prevent heat exhaustion.

Note*: The WHO recommended specification for coveralls against filovirus disease issued in Oct, 2014 stated that healthcare workers should choose appropriate protective apparel, which meets the following two requirements:

option 1, tested for resistance to blood and body fluid penetration: meets or exceeds ISO 16603 class 3 exposure pressure.

option 2, tested for resistance to blood-borne pathogen penetration; meets or exceeds ISO 16604 class 2 exposure pressure.


Animal Disease Control ( African Swine Fever / Avian Influenza / Fall Armyworm ), H1N1 Influenza Management, COVID-19 Disease Control

Product Technology

Seam Construction

4-thread overlocked seam

  • 7-9 stitched per inch
  • Thread fibre is 150D
  • Bite depth 4 mm
Fabric Construction

Microporous Film laminate PPSB

  • MVTR is above 2500 gsm / 24hr (ASTM E96 BW)
  • Hydro-head is above 2500 mm-H2O(EN 20811)

Back Fabric
Multilayer SMS fabric

Performance Chart
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Abrasion Resistance EN 530 1
Flex Cracking Resistance EN ISO 7854-B 5
Trapezoidal Tear Resistance EN ISO 9073-4 1
Tensile Strength EN ISO 13934-1 1
Puncture Resistance EN 863 1
Seam Strength EN ISO 13935-2 3
Antistaticity EN 1149-5 Pass
pH Value EN ISO 3071 Pass
Resistance to Ignition EN 13274-4 Pass
Resistance to Water Penetration EN 20811 >2500 mm
Water Vapour Resistance [Ret] EN ISO 11092 31.7 m2*Pa/W
Sulphuric acid 30% EN ISO 6530 Class 3 Class 3
Sodium Hydroxide 10% EN ISO 6530 Class 3 Class 3
o-Xylene EN ISO 6530 Class 2 Class 1
Butan-1-ol EN ISO 6530 Class 3 Class 2
Isopropanol* EN ISO 6530 0.00% 92.40%

Note* Isopropanol test is not requested under EN 14325, therefore there is no classification

Resistance to penetration by blood / fluids ISO 16603 6
Resistance to penetration by blood-borne pathogens ISO 16604 2
Resistance to wet microbial penetration ISO 22610 6
Resistance to liquid aerosol penetration ISO/DIS 22611 3
Resistance to dry microbial penetration ISO 22612 3

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